Quality talent, properly aligned to achieve the mission and vision of the organization, is an essential element of any successful endeavor or organization. However, systematic investment in such talent is the key to long-term success.

Except in very rare circumstances, the terms human capital and intellectual capital can be used interchangeably. However, most managers confront vacancies within their organizations from the viewpoint of “plug and play.” Let’s just find the human capital with the minimal skills required to meet today’s tasks. In short, “let’s just keep the system running.” Few managers pause long enough to reflect upon the deeper question. The deeper question examines the strategic trajectory for the organization and the. intellectual capital essential to maintain or accelerate the organization along the strategic trajectory. Traveling the path of least resistance often results in sub-optimal achievements along critical pathways, if not failure to achieve the goal.

MDR Strategies, LLC links day-to-day tasks to the strategy and the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to achieve or accelerate achievement of the strategy.

This philosophy undergirds all our work.