Team Coaching

The COVID-19 global pandemic has strained the performance, effectiveness and goal attainment of organizations large and small, and in every sector of our economy. The pandemic, and the ensuing isolation, have also highlighted pre-existing weak spots in teams and groups of individuals charged with executing myriad vital business functions. In fact, the extended nature of the Covid-19 isolation has, in many instances, created new challenges for work groups and teams.

MDR Strategies, LLC has coached intact leadership teams and work groups, large and small since 2015, upon completion of training with Alexander Caillet and Chris Wahl of One 21 Five and The Miro Group, respectively. One 21 Five is now Corentus, Inc. My work with teams and groups helps the team to “see itself” through new and enlightened eyes, gain much needed clarity around its purpose, short- and long-term goals and establish effective, mutual accountability. Team coaching with MDR Strategies typically incorporates 1-to-1 executive coaching with the team leader and may also extend 1-to-1 coaching to others on the team, as the leader desires. We are infinitely scalable.