Why Us?


The unmistakable resource that distinguishes the most successful and innovative enterprises from those that occupy the bottom of the competitive ladder or the messy middle is talent. But talent that languishes without systematic and periodic investment is talent that will soon fall well behind the competition and the times or seek other “shores.” That is where MDR Strategies, LLC enters the picture.

MDR Strategies, LLC brings over forty years of talent development experience at levels ranging from small, multi-disciplinary teams to enterprise-level, multi-functional and highly complex organizations. MDR Strategies, LLC smoothly integrates your corporate strategy with the business realities of your short-term goals and objectives into the developmental needs of your key leaders and teams. We can incorporate the most innovative and effective team coaching modalities alongside organizational and group-oriented interventions and assessments..


MDR Strategies, LLC maintains the highest level of commitment to excellence in professional coaching. That commitment translates into endless perfection of our craft and remaining abreast of the latest research and developments in the areas of neuroscience, human development, ontology and coaching competency. We pass the benefits our commitment on in the form of world-class coaching of executives, leaders and teams.

There can be no more compelling reasons than these to select MDR Strategies, LLC for your enterprise’s talent development and investment needs.