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General Michael Rochelle Addresses
National Society of Pershing Rifles at NATCON 2021


General Michael Rochelle Joins Advisory Board for Bullseye Engagement LLC

BullseyeEngagement is a leading global provider of cloud-based human capital management software solutions. Our solutions suite helps organizations nurture their people talent “from hire-to-retire”. We believe that frequent communication within an organization and thoughtful people planning practices facilitate employee engagement.

Bullseye began in 2010 with a single point and click non-form based performance management application envisioned by our founder, Adeel Zaidi. Users were attracted by the ease and speed of documenting performance appraisals so that managers could spend more time speaking face-to-face with direct reports about performance. Since then, our solutions suite has evolved to include a talent development portal; a compensation planning and management application; BullseyeSurveys, which includes employee engagement and other stakeholder surveys; PeopleTrackerTM which helps identify “best fits” to meet talent placement needs; Rewards4PeopleTM, a comprehensive employee rewards and redemption program; a succession planning module, and custom-developed Human Capital business intelligence dashboards.

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SOAR Coach Facilitator Training. Certificate of Completion on December 4, 2015.


Coaching Teams for Sustained Performance. Certificate of Completion on October 16, 2014.

Certificate of Completion_Coaching Teams for Sustained Performance_151211

Mr. Michael Rochelle was my coach on ICF peer coaching activity. The 6 coaching sessions were great support for me when I was transforming from a business woman to a professional coach. His caring acknowledgement, encouragement, feedback, comments and sharing delighted my path. I do believe he has a “coaching heart.” I would like to recommend him for his nice and effective coaching.

Liu Xin
Executive Coach, Shanghai, PRC.

Mike has the ability to listen to a challenge that you are facing and open new doors to solve the challenge. The questions he asks will lead you to think outside the box and find another way to overcome an obstacle. By allowing you to think your way through the situation, it makes the result even more satisfying.


During the first four months of 2015, Michael Rochelle provided me with professional executive coaching. Due to his career background, training and passion for leadership, Michael coached me through several very significant business challenges and opportunities. His skill and his heart saw me and for these months, I knew he was there with and for me. I highly recommend Michael Rochelle as a coach with a successful career as a leader who guides his clients to further their own success.

Author, Speaker and Coach

I thought I was something of a hard case, having worked 20 years in the foodservice industry before transitioning into information technology and the civil service realm. Figured I’d seen it all and that there was little a coach could teach me. Mike quickly demonstrated just how wrong I can be.

If I had to choose a term to describe Mike’s impact, it would be “paradigm shift.” Previously I had adopted a detached perspective in regard to management and problem solving: there were problems to be solved and tools at hand with which to solve them. My job as a manager was to dispassionately bring tools to bear on a given problem regardless of any hurt feelings or toes that got stepped on along the way. The net result was that I was the guy to task when an intractable problem emerged, but in lieu of a handy conflagration many saw me as the bull standing in the china shop’s door.

Enter Mike. In retrospect it seems so plain, but Mike got me to realize that beyond the problems and tools was me and my vocational aspirations, and that any “solution” that negatively impacted my aspirations is a poor solution to embrace. Mike, moreover, spoke in terms that made sense to me. For instance, early on in our coaching sessions Mike made good use of his military background as well as my study of military history and martial arts, saying “Buz, if I encountered an L-shaped ambush a guy like you who charges straight up the middle is who I would want by my side. But are the tools you’d apply to an L-shaped ambush the right ones to apply to a problem at work?” Boom, instant paradigm shift.

I could gush on. Suffice to say Mike brings a broad perspective, a sharp mind, a calm demeanor, and a clear understanding of what vocational success looks like to the table and then helps his clients examine their assumptions while helping them chart a course toward that vocational success. Employing patience, avoiding judgement, listening dispassionately, identifying issues, and then helping his clients brainstorm solutions germane to their situation, Mike not only brings a lot to the table, but employs it so effectively he can make a believer of a manager as grizzled as me. I highly recommend his services and have little doubt all will be quite pleased with the result.

Information Technology

Working with Mike Rochelle was a great opportunity for me. In my role, I am continually faced with new challenges and the need to balance competing priorities and expectations from key stakeholders. Mike helped me to evaluate my situation and my own leadership abilities to develop skills and strategies I can use both in my current situation and going forward. Mike’s approach was perfect for me. In our discussions, I learned a lot about myself and what it takes for me to improve as a leader going forward. He is a great listener, very supportive and provides honest, constructive feedback throughout the process.

Being a leader is an ongoing challenge. My coaching experience with Mike was extremely positive and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to grow as a leader.

Higher Education